January Member of the Month

2014 is here and Youth on Course has some exciting resolutions for the new year.

With over 9,000 members annually, Youth on Course is consistently represented by talented, smart and interesting individuals throughout Northern California. This year, one of our goals is to recognize our outstanding members. Beginning with Zachery Pollo.


Pollo continues to excel on the golf course. He recently won the Little Linkers for his age category.

Pollo is a 4th grade honor roll student with a perfect attendance record. The Rocklin, Calif., native started swinging golf clubs at the driving range at the age of four. By age seven, Pollo was playing full rounds. Now nine, Pollo has continued to excel and consistently shoots in the low 80s. In his first tournament, one that included three rounds of  9 holes, Pollo dominated his age category and won by eight strokes. Pollo was also the champion of the Little Linker event for his age category. His favorite course is Haggin Oaks in Sacramento where he recently shot 7-over-par 79 from the Tan tees.


Pollo, pictured center, won the Eppie's Kids duathlon for his age category for the third year in a row.

Off of the golf course, Pollo lives an extremely active lifestyle. In his spare time, the nine year old enjoys hiking, biking, snowshoeing and running. This last summer, Pollo won the Eppie’s Kids duathlon –  a running/biking event – for the third time in a row, and he hopes to be a professional cyclist someday – if becoming a professional golfer doesn’t work out, that is.

Lofty goals are nothing new for Pollo.


Zachery Pollo pictured with his parents during one of their numerous mountain hikes.

At the mere age of six, he climbed White Mountain -a 14 mile hike with an elevation above 14,000 feet. At the age of seven, Pollo took to Mt.Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, for a 22-mile hike.  Pollo has also climbed Mt. Elbert in Leadville, Colo., the second highest mountain in the lower 48 states.  Most recently, Pollo conquered Mt. Langley in August, marking his fourth climb with an elevation over 14,000 feet. Pollo and his father have hiked or snowshoed to over 75 mountain peaks across eight states.

Youth on Course salutes Zachery Pollo for all his hard work on and off the golf course. Pollo exemplifies what it means to be a member of Youth on Course as he continues to excel academically, set and achieve goals, thrive in healthy lifestyle activities and stand out on the golf course. Congratulations Zachery on becoming our very first Youth on Course Member of the month.


Know a Youth on Course member that deserves to be recognized? Let us know about him or her by contacting Lindsey Novitzke by email – lnovitzke@ncga.org and by filling out our Member of the Month submission form by clicking this link.



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