How to Join

Renewal Steps

Login and complete renewal essay    
• Be approved by YOC staff
• Pay renewal fees through club
(eClub or local club)

Watch this short Youth on Course video to see how it works.

In order to participate, juniors must complete a comprehensive life skills education program that teaches core values like responsibility, perseverance and honesty. Participants may complete this life skills training in one of two ways:

1. Participate in one of the Youth on Course Certified Programs

Participants will complete a life skills and values curriculum through their certified program. Membership fees are paid directly to the certified program and the golf course where it is hosted. Once participants successfully complete the program’s curriculum, their Youth on Course memberships will be activated and a Youth on Course card will be sent to them in the mail.

2. Enroll in the NCGA Foundation’s online skills curriculum

Enroll in the NCGA Foundation’s online life skills curriculum via the online curriculum section of this website. The curriculum consists of four sections: Rules of Golf, Etiquette, Life Skills and Healthy Lifestyles. Due to the complexity of some questions, participants must be 10 years of age in order to register for the online curriculum.

Please note that whether joining via a certified program or the online curriculum, participants must renew their membership each calendar year. The NCGA’s renewal period runs from October 1 through December 31.

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