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In 2010 the NCGA Foundation made the difficult decision to suspend the range ballĀ portion of Youth on Course. Green Fees will still be subsidized.


1 ) Each course will have a set budget for 2011. If the course exceeds this set budget, participants may be required to pay a higher rate.

2 ) Youth on Course participants may not play more than 1 (one) 18-hole round of golf or 2 (two) 9-hole rounds of golf in a given day.

3 ) Youth on Course rounds will not be reimbursed for organized play. Examples include but are not limited to: golf team practices, tournaments, outings, etc.

4 ) Youth on Course participants must show a sticker displaying the current year on their NCGA membership card.

5 ) Any Youth on Course participant found abusing the YOC privilege, i.e. giving their card to someone else or not showing proper etiquette will lose the privilege. The course operator has the right to take this action and will notify the NCGA Foundation.

6 ) Dress Code: Participants are expected to wear collared shirts and refrain from wearing denim at ALL participating facilities.

7 ) Participants must be 17 years of age or younger on January 1 of the current year in order to be eligible. Juniors who do not apply for membership prior to turning 18, even though they may have been 17 on January 1, are not eligible.

8 ) Eligibility for Youth on Course expires after the summer following a participant’s senior year in high school.

9 ) The NCGA Foundation reserves the right to refuse Youth on Course benefits to individuals who make a mockery of the online curriculum by submitting inappropriate, foul or deliberately insufficient answers.

Privacy Policy

The NCGA FoundationĀ is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, website users, and program participants. We collect and use personal information for our monitoring and reporting of programs, and to operate and improve our website and services. We also use personal information to communicate with members but will never sell this information to outside agencies or third parties.

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